Neighborhood Preservation

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Our Mission

The mission of the Neighborhood Preservation Unit is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents in Orange County’s unincorporated communities through community involvement, education, and regulation. Through consistent code enforcement efforts in promoting and maintaining compliance with the County’s Codified Ordinances, quality of life and public safety are both preserved and enhanced, and the lives of our community members are safeguarded.

Community Involvement

The Neighborhood Preservation Unit staff regularly coordinates with Orange County Waste & Recycling to host Community Clean Up events. These very popular community service events provide the opportunity for residents to dispose of household & yard waste free of charge, with volunteers from the County work side-by-side with residents to assist with disposal.

Neighborhood Preservation staff also participates in local community meetings in an effort to both educate and work with residents so that they may better understand the County’s Codified Ordinances and maintain a community free of violations that could result in public health and safety issues and/or diminished property values.

Efforts to further develop outreach programs designed to assist residents in preserving their communities are always ongoing.

Common Violations

The Neighborhood Preservation Unit investigates complaints to determine if a violation of the Orange County Codified Ordinances exists. Common violations include:

• Construction / Work Without Permits [OCCO 7-1-16]
• Unpermitted / Illegal Grading [OCCO 7-1-811(a)]
• Garage Conversions / Garage Living [OCCO 3-13-3, 4]
• Deteriorated / Overgrown Landscape & Vegetation [OCCO 3-13-7(14), 3-13-3 (f)(4)]
• Inoperable Vehicles [OCCO 3-13-4 (11)]
• Lawn Parking [OCCO 3-13-6 (3)]
• Use of Canopies / Tarps [OCCO 3-13-11.5, 3-13-7 (3)]
• Junk / Debris Improperly Stored [OCCO 3-13-4(4)]
• Polluted Pools [OCCO 3-13-4 (8)]
• Fence / Wall Height Setback Violations [OCCO 7-9-137.5]
• Business Conducted in Residential Zones [OCCO 3-13-4 (2)]
• Prohibited Signs [OCCO 7-9-144.4]
• Substandard Housing [OCCO 7-1200 Sec. 1001]

How Do I File a Complaint?

If you feel a violation exists, you may file an anonymous complaint with Neighborhood Preservation by phone or via the web. Our toll-free complaint number is (866)-552-8120.

Other Disturbances

Other disturbances to the peace and comfort of the community, including noise and illegal parking, are handled by the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

The Orange County Animal Care Services Nuisance Complaint website is available to assist in resolving animal care and noise complaints.

County of Orange Weed Abatement Program

Orange County Vector Control District